Restaurant MundartGourmet-­Menues

Stilla Gourmet-Menues
in the romantic castle room

Simply enjoy again with the 6-course Stilla gourmet menu

Our charmingly adorned Fireplace- or Balcony Rooms provide an enchanting atmosphere to enrich a romantic getaway. Let us indulge you and enjoy an exclusive 6-Course menu including an aperitif and an unparalleled experience at the Abenberg Castle.

Per Person 90,- €


Restaurant mundartSurprise menus

3 CoursesRestaurant Mundart

Per Person 52,- €

consisting of
Appetizer | Main course | Dessert

5 CoursesRestaurant Mundart


consisting of
Appetizer | Soup | Intermediate course | Main course | Dessert

7 CoursesRestaurant Mundart

Per Person 99,- €

consisting of
Appetizer | Soup | Intermediate course | Crustacean passage | Main course | Pre-dessert | Dessert

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